Pashtun Jirga warns Pakistan of dire consequences

Pashtun Jirga issuing a ultimatum for the immediate release of Hikmat Mehsud (Photo: News Intervention)

In a bold move, the Pashtun Jirga has issued a 72-hour ultimatum for the immediate release of Hikmat Mehsud, a prominent figure within the Pashtun community. The demand for Mehsud’s release has been met with unwavering determination, as the Pashtun Jirga warned of initiating an indefinite sit-in at a crucial location if the ultimatum is not heeded. The Pashtun Jirga, a collective of influential Pashtun voices, has officially announced their intent to launch a persistent sit-in at a strategic site, which includes highway or the press club. 

Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence. Be it the peaceful way of protests or the armed resistance, against the inhumane authoritarian quasi state of Pakistan, Balochs are fighting an all-front war.

As the human right abuses and exploitation of the Baloch resources are increasing with each passing day, there is also an increasing voice from inside Balochistan demanding the forceful resistance against these atrocities. Unfortunately, one of the various reasons for such a voice is also the ignorance of international and multilateral human rights organizations. Inspired by their sinister interests, almost every organization has turned a blind eye towards the complete devastation of Balochistan.

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