Leaders of POGB & POJK to address JKNSF Poonch District Convention in Rawalakot,POK

Poonch district convention
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The JKNSF (Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation) recently announced that “Poonch District Convention” will be held in Rawalakot on 10 June. On this occasion, a protest rally will be organized under the name “Youth Movement Against Inflation”, and a public meeting is to be held titled “Future of Oppressed Nationalities in Azad Kashmir”. The public meeting will feature young leaders addressing participants from Pak occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB), and various districts of Pak occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK)

The preparations for the convention have officially begun. Efforts will be made to invite students and youth from all over Poonch district to attend the convention, along with regional committee meetings and activities. A membership drive will also be launched in educational institutions throughout Poonch district starting from Monday.

This decision was made during a meeting of the Poonch District session of the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation. The session was chaired by President Khalil Babar. Numerous central leaders, district officials, and representatives from educational institutions across Poonch district attended the meeting.

In the meeting, a convention organizing committee was formed under the leadership of former Chairman of Poonch University, Majid Khan. This committee will oversee all aspects, including coordination, fundraising, and preparations for the convention. Apart from President Khalil Babar, the meeting was attended by Deputy Chief Organizer Arslan Shani, Majid Khan, Editor Azam Badar Rafiq, Chairman of Poonch University, Adil Farooq, General Secretary of Poonch University, Aliza Islam, central leader Beinish Kazim, Organizer of Poonch University, Abdul Wahab, Chairman of Postgraduate College Unit, Danish Fida, Organizer Hanan Babar, Chief Organizer Study Circle Dr. Saad-ul-Hassan, Chairman of Medical College Umeed Balochi, Central Committee Member Naqash Amin, Chairman of Degree College Hajira, Saifullah, Mansoor Majid, Tahir Ishaq, Danish Yaqoob, and other organizers who addressed the meeting.

While addressing the meeting, the organizers said that the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation has always been committed to guiding the youth against injustice, coercion, inequality, class divisions, slavery, and exploitation in every era. Today, in the midst of the historical crisis of the capitalist system, hardworking individuals are suffering, who were predicted and warned by the JKNSF years ago. The capitalist system has become an obstacle to the progress of humanity. The destructive actions of this system can only be fought and defeated based on the principles of modern scientific socialism.

The organizers stated that the IMF and other imperial institutions, working as the agents of ruling classes, have started turning the poor masses into beggars by taking away their bread twice a day. Inflation is continuously increasing, and essential commodities have gone beyond the reach of the common people. The ruling classes, driven by their lust for power, have shifted the entire burden of the crisis onto the working masses. Government institutions are shamelessly exposing themselves in this situation. The rulers have no way out of this situation.

The organizers said that to defeat this system and bring it to an end, it is essential for the working class and youth to take their destiny into their own hands. This convention by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation will serve as a beacon of hope and a torchbearer for the youth. This struggle should continue until the elimination of this system and the achievement of a socialist future based on humanity

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