Lessons from Maharashtra’s new political landscape

Politics must change in the country before Indian entrepreneurs can prove their mettle. New way of politics, for new India is need of the hour.

Country is not the fiefdom of a handful of individuals or their families. Filling vacuum in political leadership is the primary need of the hour in India. Irrespective of which profession or work one is engaged in, doing one’s work with full honesty, is indeed a “Service to the Nation”.
In order to improve the political scenario in the country, it should be possible for any interested person who desires to enter public life through politics, to be able to seek lateral entry with ease into any party of his/her choice.

For this to happen, selection of candidates for any election by any party, should happen through involvement of local population too, rather be turned into an “internal issue” (read opaque decisions) of the political party. This way, politics will naturally improve through involvement of talented people, who choose to sacrifice private life, for greater public roles. And nation’s wealth grows for all, not looted by a select few.

Amongst the current lot, BJP is the most appropriate party, to take up this “pioneering initiative”, because “nationalism” is the very foundation of it’s ideology, not only of individuals or their families. I sincerely hope that BJP turns the tide of politics upside down: From “electoral machinations” to “rise of genuine leaders at all levels”.

Tulsi Tawari
Tulsi Tawari
Tulsi Tawari is an Entrepreneur-Economist and a Creative Strategist who is focussed on technology-based businesses and attitudinal transformation. He is currently engaged with BARC’s radiation technology projects. A facilitator of knowledge-driven enterprising, he is empowering young entrepreneurs both in cities and villages of India. Mr Tulsi is the Author of famous book-- Creation of Wealth vs Transfer of Wealth (CoW vs ToW). He is viewed by peers as an expert of socio-economic paradigm shift that is underway in present times and is engaged in transforming the global scenario. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

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