Maharashtra poll results show there’s a limit to electoral tricks

Devendra Fadnavis, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is from the BJP. (Photo: ANI)
Devendra Fadnavis, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is from the BJP. (Photo: ANI)

Over the last 30 to 40 years Indian politics had slid into an era of power coalitions. Two reasons stand out, if we go to the roots of this shift: Loss in credibility of national leaderships that was caused by power-led corruption (Congress); And the inability to win nation’s confidence by alternatives till the 1990s (BJP). So, this is how it began– the meteoric rise of regional leaderships at state levels. Unfortunately, regional politics instead of being driven by genuine larger vision, simply became a localized-version of corruption, as in national-politics.

When tall trees begin to diminish their stature, mushroom-like pigmies naturally begin to look big. What else but caste-driven divisive politics could have been expected from these narrow minded leaderships? Limited in their vision, they opted to align with communities they knew best (for survival and growth), while destroying the long existing harmonious social-fabric for quick political gains. National leadership also, instead of guarding against fatal aberrations, began to delve in these divisive games. They failed the nation, once again, in worse ways. First, by power-led corruption, and next by dividing the society through caste-based politics. Ideologies became merely convenient empty facades to hide behind, when opportunism faltered in outdoing rivals.

It is amazing how even exemplary individuals having the fervour of doing larger good succumb to selfishness to such extents that the nation is doomed, time and again. Barring a few handful exceptions, this is the real story of politicians in India today. If anything changes, it is just the further slide in their character.

It is in this larger context, that we need to review the current political scenario in Maharashtra. So much so that we may consider this as an opportunity to begin turning the political tide in India upside down: From “any-how election-winning machinations” to “rise of genuine political leaderships”!

Today the BJP, in whatever form, is blessed with personally spotless leadership, which has been nurtured under the spiritual wings of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). Can it dare to initiate a new era in politics? Why should it not cleanse from within, in every sense and at all levels? How long the nation would remain a victim of hypocrisy in politics? On one hand, they talk of Deendayal Upadhyaya and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, their valour and integrity and on the other hand they simply surrender to the dictum that “winnability in elections cannot be achieved by integrity-driven individuals”! Is this lack of self-confidence or no faith in citizens, or both?

New breed of youth are rising in the country with genuine aspirations for self and society. If the nation has to make a true mark in the world, it simply cannot happen without first ensuring integrity at its core. Destiny has given a blunt shock to BJP through the Maharashtra elections, and a clear message too. This is the limit to growth, through electoral politics of machinations. One cannot go any further through this route, as in the game of pygmies. There is no shortage of talented and experienced ones in the country, nor there ever will be. Yet, if not treaded righteously the nation will revert back to similar ‘dirty’ coalition era, once again!

It’s time for India to rise, above board, politically too! Can BJP dare?


  1. Tulsi ji ur analysis of regional parties is very accurate. These will become in significant if we switch over to a presidential system.

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