Maharashtra police arrests Qari in Love Jihad Case

    maulana arrested in love jihad case
    Arrested Maulana Shoeb Noori (Photo: Social Media)

    In a case of Love Jihad, a radical Islamic Qari (Maulana) named Shoeb Noori has been apprehended by the Maharashtra Police in Indore. Maulana Shoeb Noori, hailing from Gandhinagar, Indore, was arrested on Sunday for his alleged involvement in a Love Jihad case. He has been accused of coercing Hindu women into religious conversion.

    According to the information provided, a person named Sayam Qureshi used Instagram as a medium to lure Hindu women from Kopargaon, Maharashtra. It is reported that they became friends on Instagram four years ago. Last year, when the girl visited Indore, Sayam took her to a friend’s home near Anand Bazaar. It was at this location that Maulana Shoeb Noori allegedly forced her to recite the kalma and married her against her will. Later, they pressured the girl to convert to Islam. However, the victim firmly denied their demands. Enraged by her refusal, they began threatening her. Feeling overwhelmed by the threats, she sought help from Hindu organizations in Kopargaon. With their assistance, she filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Sayam Qureshi, Maulana Shoeb Noori, Imran Sheikh, Ayaaz Qureshi, and Chotu Kalim, who aided Sayam in Kopargaon.

    As a result, the Maharashtra Police arrested Sayam Qureshi on July 12. Subsequently, Maulana Shoeb Noori, the radical Islamic cleric, was apprehended in Indore. Love Jihad was previously considered a random crime when there were only a few cases reported. However, over time, it has become evident that Love Jihad is an organized crime. The involvement of radicalised maulanas further exacerbate the situation.

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