Manzoor Pashteen unveils the setup for Pak Army’s Dollar Jihad

dollar jihad
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

In a statement issued to the media, PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen claimed that the Pak Army generals had set up a complete framework for the dollar war. They initiated the war by collaborating with armed organizations, but their plans were hindered by the strong resistance of the Pashtun people spanning from Swat to Quetta.

According to Pashteen, individuals who played a key role in publicly resisting terrorism and dollar wars are being targeted based on instructions from the generals. The objective is to silence these individuals and ensure the continuation of the dollar proxy war in a systematic manner.

However, Pashteen expressed confidence that this tactic would ultimately fail. He believed that the children of the Pashtun nation would also actively participate in resisting these commercialized military conflicts.

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