Manzoor Pashteen visits Voice for Missing Baloch Persons camp

manzoor pashteen visits camp
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen and Ali Wazir visited the Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VFBMP) camp outside Press club Quetta and extended their support to the protest.

The peaceful protest against the state-sponsored persecution of Balochs has completed more than 5080 days. Enforced disappearance is the harsh reality of Balochistan. Since 2001, more than 8,000 Balochs have been forcefully abducted and disappeared.

Both Pashtoon leaders agreed to continue a joint struggle against Pakistan’s tyranny and oppression. Apparently, Waziristan is also facing the wrath of enforced disappearances along with inhumane subversion. It has been more than ten days that a sit-in protest is going on in North Waziristan against abduction of three PTM activists by the Pakistan Army.  

While addressing the protestors, Manzoor Pashteen hailed VFBMP for its efforts and fight against Pak atrocities. On the other hand, Ali Wazir praised the Baloch women for their unparalleled courage. He said that Pakistan has subverted the freedom of Balochistan after its emancipation from the British. Furthermore, he drew inferences between the conditions of Baloch, Pahtoons, Sindhis, Kashimiris and people of Pak occupied Gilgit Baltistan, all of whom are witnessing the tyranny and oppression of authoritarian regime of Pakistan.

Illicit abduction and subjugation by Pakistan has created resentment in the people and Pashtoons joining Balochs is an optimistic sign for their struggle against their human rights violations.    

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