Massive rally in Sindh against Pak atrocities

Rally in Sindh against Pak atrocities
Rally in Sindh against Pak atrocities (Photo: News Intervention)

The caravan of JSM (Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz), breaking through all state barriers, arrived in the birth city of Saien G.M. Syed, Sann. On the occasion of his 28th death anniversary, they chanted slogans of “Labbaik.” The central committee of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, along with thousands of Sindhi families also joined the caravans from various cities of Sindh through trains and buses, accompanied by their innocent children.

Slogans raised against forced conversion and CPEC

The cars were adorned with banners and placards against Pakistani atrocities and CPEC. These banners and placards bore slogans such as “Put an end to the forced conversion of Sindhi girls” and “Stop the disappearances and ethnic cleansing of Sindhi and Baloch political workers.” Moreover, they also displayed messages like “Sindh rejects CPEC corridor project with China” and “Expel foreigners from Sindh.” Chants were written, including “Free Sindhi and Baloch nationalist workers” and “Put an end to the forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls.”

Additionally, young activists of the JSFM overcame hurdles set by Pakistan and traveled across Sindh to reach Jamshoro. After reaching there, they paid homage to their beloved leader at his mausoleum, along with their innocent children. They laid floral wreaths and recited Fateha (prayer) at his grave, accompanied by the national anthem.

Mian Mithoo, a symbol of evil and crime against Sindhi girls

The central leadership of JSFM including Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice-Chairman Zaheer Sindhi, General Secretary Ghulam Hussain Shabirani, among others jointly released a press statement.  The Press release stated that Mian Mithoo and the establishment agents from Bharchundi Sharif are harassing the Sindhi nation and dividing them based on their beliefs and religion.

Moreover, Mian Mithoo symbolizes evil and provides an easy path for criminals to forcefully convert underage Sindhi girls to Islam. Accordingly, he encourages them to violate the honor and gang-rape these innocent Sindhi girls. The JSFM strongly condemns all such condemnable efforts and their abhorrent faces.

Time for Unification

The party leaders of the SHAP (Sindh Hari Porhiyat) Party stated that it is time to unite. And so all groups affiliated with the Jeay Sindh movement should come together for the struggle of freedom.

They regarded Saien GM Syed as a symbol of their struggle. They also emphasized the need to sit together and unite for the upcoming challenging days. While speaking to the international media, they stated that they will face a critical situation in the near future. As the Punjab rule is nearing its end, the Punjab Army will come forward with its oppressive and fascist face. It will be a significant issue if Sindhis  do not unite.

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