May ’21: Pak forces abducted 61 people and looted 200 homes in Balochistan

Pakistani security forces firing upon unarmed innocent Baloch civilians in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)
Pakistani security forces firing upon unarmed innocent Baloch civilians in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Special Report
Detailed report on the war crimes of Pakistani regime during the month of May in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan (POB). All the data has been collated from social media posts, reports in various Baloch publications and from reports filed by our journalists.

Let’s take a look at the situation of serious human rights violations, military operations, enforced disappearances, massacres, looting of houses and the ongoing war crimes committed by Pakistani security forces during the month of May 2021.

Pakistan Army and its various agencies conducted more than sixty operations across occupied Balochistan in the month of May. Pakistani forces detained and disappeared 61 Baloch people during these military operations. And during these operations, Pakistani forces looted more than 200 Baloch homes. Pakistani security forces also set several Baloch houses and forests on fire. The forces took away more than 100 cattle.

In the month of May, thirty one bodies of Baloch were recovered from Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. Of these 14 Baloch attained martyrdom at the hands of Pakistani forces. The motive for the cause of death of remaining 16 Baloch could not be ascertained. In Dasht, district Kech, a young Baloch man died when the Pakistanis infused him with an expired intravenous drip.

Pakistani forces set up several new outposts across occupied Balochistan during May. A girls’ school in Dasht was turned into a Pakistan Army camp.

Further during this month, seventeen ‘Missing Persons’ were recovered from the Pakistani forces’ prisons. Of these, one was ‘missing’ since 2016, four since 2018, two since 2019, four since 2020 and six since 2021. All these ‘Missing Persons’ were forcefully abducted and were in the state torture cells and were released in May.

Mir Abdul Nabi, an elderly Baloch pro-freedom activist, was shot dead by Pakistani intelligence personnel in Afghanistan, and a child was killed in Iranian Balochistan. The Pakistani forces also looted cattle from different areas and burnt forests in Jhao, Mashkai, Gichk and Soler.

Ground and aerial military operations of Pakistani forces intensified in Kech, Bolan, Awaran, Panjgur, Kalat and Kohlu districts.

Baloch revolutionaries fighting against the against these occupying Pakistani forces also inflicted heavy blows on them, killing dozens of their heavily armed personnel.

A tragic incident took place in Awaran district when a father committed suicide after being harassed by Pakistani forces. Noor Jan took his own life because the state forces had asked him to send his daughter to the Pakistan Army camp. Noor Jan, being a proud Baloch laid down his life while upholding the Baloch national dignity and conveyed the message to the enemy forces with his blood that the Baloch can give their lives for their honor and dignity.

Noor Jan’s only crime was that he got his daughter married to a Baloch political activist, which in the eyes of Pakistani forces was as an unforgivable crime. The rape of a woman by Pakistani forces in the Mashkai Valley had enraged the Baloch people against Pakistani occupation of Balochistan.

Noor Jan Baloch sacrificed his life to save the honour and dignity of his daughter from Pakistan Army.
Noor Jan Baloch sacrificed his life to save the honour and dignity of his daughter from Pakistan Army.

The ferociousness of Islamic Pakistan Army in occupied Balochistan is increasing every passing day. Kidnapping women and children from their homes and sexually abusing them has now become the norm for these occupying forces.

However all the religious Imams, Muftis and parliamentarians who chant the slogan of Palestine appear blind to the atrocities committed by Islamic Pakistan Army against Balochistan.

Ironically, this Islamic Pakistan Army that claims to be the protectors of Madinah, are spilling the blood of Baloch people and raping Baloch women and children. And yet the parliamentary politicians are silent about these horrific incidents. Not speaking out against oppression is tantamount to supporting the oppressor.

In addition to targeting civilians, Pakistani forces have now resorted to burning forests in occupied Balochistan. This devious practice of forest burning was started last year and has now gained momentum. Wherever the Pakistanis conduct operations, they burn down the forests in these areas.

In May 2021, forests were set on fire in Awaran, Panjgur and Bolan districts. The Pakistani forces also added poison to the waters of natural springs to kill humans and animals.

Demonstrations against Pakistan’s nuclear blasts also took place across various countries in May. It was in May 28, 1998, when Pakistan simultaneously detonated five nuclear warheads at Chaghi, occupied Balochistan. It was due to these nuclear blasts in 1998 that the nuclear spread radiation across Balochistan.

The Baloch nation is still plagued by this nuclear disaster. The deadly effects of nuclear radiation can be gauged from the numerous diseases that afflict the people of Chaghi. The fertile land of Chaghi is still barren.

Though Pakistan is suffering from severe internal problems due to economic catastrophe and political instability yet it is also facing severe international criticism for putting curbs on the freedom of expression. Despite severe internal problems, the state forces and its intelligence agencies continue to oppress the people. None of the Pakistani mainstream media groups report about these brazen atrocities committed by Pakistan Army on the hapless people of occupied Balochistan.

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