Pak Army abducts and kills Gowahram Baloch in cold blood

Pakistani security forces killed a Baloch teenager Gowahram on Monday after forcefully abducting him from district Kech in occupied Balochistan. The seventeen year old Gowahram, who was the resident of Konshkalat village of Tump tehsil, suffered extreme torture at the hands of Pakistani forces before being shot dead.

The unrepentant and unabashed Pakistani military personnel called the family of Gowahram and informed them that Gowahram had died the previous night and ordered them to take the body. However, before his family could go to the military cantonment, the Pakistani security forces sent Gowahram’s dead body to his home.

On Tuesday morning after handing over Gowahram’s body to his family at 11:40 AM, the Pakistan Army soldiers cordoned off the Konshkalat village to control public anger.

Gowahram was the son of Nadal Baloch who had forcibly “disappeared” on 12 June 2021, along with there others who are Abdullah, Sattar and Sohrab. Local Baloch people said that Gowahram’s body had marks of violence and forceful injection of some fluids. The soldiers of Pakistan Army did not allow the post mortem of Gowahram’s body fearing intense public reaction.

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