Multiple armed attacks amidst election preparation in Pak-occupied Balochistan

Multiple armed attacks amidst election preparation in Pak-occupied Balochistan
Armed attacks (Source: X)

There were multiple attacks throughout Pak-occupied Balochistan, resulting in numerous casualties and property damage from explosions and gun attacks.

A bomb blast in the capital Quetta, resulted in the death of one person near the police post on Sabzal Road. The identity of the victim is still unknown.

Two more consecutive blasts occurred on Qambarani Road in Quetta, which targeted a Police Eagle Force vehicle and the PML-N election office. Hand grenades were used by unidentified individuals on the PML-N office, while IEDs were used on the Eagle Forces vehicle. The Eagle Forces vehicle was severely damaged, but no casualties were reported.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has taken notice of the attacks on election candidates and has asked the Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Pak-occupied Balochistan for a report as soon as possible.

In another incident, a trawler transporting precious stones was ambushed by unidentified gunmen in the Mangochar area of Kalat on the N-25 highway that connects Karachi and Quetta. This is the second incident in the past 24 hours involving attacks on companies engaged in resource exploration on the same highway.

Additionally, a hand grenade that was thrown at the Pakistan Coast Guard’s office’s main gate failed to detonate. The grenade was neutralized by the bomb disposal team.

Sepoy Mudasir, a soldier, was hurt when an unidentified person threw a hand grenade at the Central Jail in the Mastung district. He was taken to the hospital. Furthermore, there were no injuries reported from the hand grenade that was thrown at the Deputy Commissioner (FC) office in the Panjgur neighbourhood of Chitkan.

Unidentified armed men stormed a coal mine in the Dukki district and kidnapped two miners—Haider and Masood—who were Paktia, Afghanistan, residents. In addition to expressing worry about the incident, the miners confirmed that they had received threats from the attackers to quit working at the mine site immediately.

Separately, in the Noshki district, unidentified armed men attacked a Pak Army outpost. Six more attacks targeted the positions of Pak Army in various parts of the Kech district yesterday.

One Frontier Corps (FC) soldier was reportedly hurt in Turbat city by a grenade attack on an FC post at Ghulam Nabi Chowk.

Four separate attacks were carried out by unidentified armed men on the Pak Army outposts in the districts of Kech, Ginnah, Sami Kalag, and Shepchar of Mand. Reportedly losses of life and property have been indicated to the Pak Army in these attacks, but authorities have not issued a statement yet.

Meanwhile, a Pak Army post in the Hoshap area of Kech was targeted by more than ten rockets, and the Pak Army sustained significant casualties.

Four people were injured in a cracker blast on the national highway in the Jafarabad district’s Dera Allah Yar area. They were subsequently transported to the hospital.

Over 29 attacks on the Pak Army, political candidates, and companies exploring natural resources have occurred in the last 24 hours in various districts of Balochistan, including Quetta, Khuzdar, Kech, Panjgur, Dukki, Kalat, Noshki, Mastung, and Hub Chowki. So far, no organization has taken credit for these attacks.

Since the Pak Army forcibly occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948 tensions have persisted in the region. The Pak Army has perpetrated severe human rights violations and genocide against the Baloch people. The resource-rich region has been inflicted with the brutal “kill and dump” policy, enforced disappearances, indiscriminate shooting and extra-judicial killings. To remove the Pak Army and their violence, freedom fighters have emerged in the region. Their sole motive is to seek independence from Pakistan and protect the Baloch ethnic group from the ongoing atrocities.

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