Relatives of forcibly disappeared Baloch by Pak Army protests, blocks main road from Turbat to Karachi

Families of Enforced Disappearance Victims Stages Sit-In Protest and blocks Main Road From Turbat To Karachi and demand their immediate release
Families of the victims (Source: X)

In a defiant move, families of people who were forcibly disappeared by the Pak Army blocked the main road from Turbat to Karachi at D Baloch and are demanding the release of their loved ones. Six families held a sit-in, and more joined as a show of support.

The families of the victims are urging the public to participate in their demonstration and amplify their call for justice. They call for the prompt release of the missing individuals: Abid Washdil, Adeel Iqbal, Ahmed Nazeer, Shoaib Laiquait, Jahanzaib Fazal and Zareeef Mohammad Bakhsh.

Their staunch appeal echoes across the region, highlighting the atrocities they face from the Pak Army with forced disappearances of their loved ones. As the sit-in protest gains momentum, the pressure on the Pak “establishment” and their puppet authorities increases to resolve the ongoing human rights crisis and genocide in the region.

This is not an isolated incident, recently the family of Bahadur Chakar from the Tejaban area in the Kech district also persisted for a sit-in protest against the forced disappearance of their relative by the Pak Army. In not more than three days, seven Baloch students have been detained from two districts and have been shifted to unknown locations by the brutal Pak “establishment”, only adding to the anguish of the affected families.  

The affected families’ challenges continue to occur, highlighting the critical need for attention and action. The horrifying reality of enforced disappearances in Pak-occupied Balochistan, spanning decades, continues to unfold. Since March 27, 1948, the oppressive Pak Army has been forcibly occupying Balochistan and waging a systematic war against humanity. Since then, the Baloch community have experienced numerous forced disappearances, home invasions, torture, kidnappings for ransom, and targeted killings.

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