Pashtuns commemorate fifth death anniversary of Prof Arman Loni amid ongoing struggle

PTM struggle
PTM meeting at Quetta press club (Photo: X)

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) convened a solemn gathering to mark the fifth death anniversary of Professor Arman Loni, who lost his life during a peaceful protest in 2019. The event was organised at the Quetta Press Club that saw participation of hundreds of Pashtuns and PTM activists, reflecting on the ongoing challenges faced by the movement.

Professor Arman Loni, an advocate for human rights and an educated figure, was tragically killed by the police during a peaceful demonstration in Loralai. The meeting highlighted the brutality of the establishment, which resulted in the loss of a prominent academic and activist who stood against extra-judicial killings.

During the commemoration, attention was drawn to the current situation where PTM Chief and several activists are incarcerated due to persecution and oppressive policies by the Pakistani establishment.

Recently released from jail, key PTM figures, Gilaman Pashteen and Id-ul-Rehman Wazir, addressed the gathering, shedding light on the crackdown on Pashtun activists, their alleged torture by Pakistani authorities, and the deteriorating conditions faced by the Pashtun community. PTM Provincial President for Balochistan, Noor Bacha, also voiced his concerns during the meeting.

Prof. Arman Loni

Professor Arman Loni was a PTM activist whose life was cut short in 2019 during a peaceful sit-in in Loralai. The protest, initiated by PTM in response to the violence in the region, aimed to highlight the plight of innocent Pashtuns caught in the crossfire between the Pakistan Army and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Despite the police asserting Professor Arman Loni’s death was due to a heart attack, a postmortem report revealed a blood clot in his brain. Five years have passed since the incident, yet justice remains elusive for Arman Loni. The PTM alleges that the Pakistani establishment continues to assault peaceful protestors and Pashtun activists, illustrating a persistent and concerning pattern of behavior.

As the PTM commemorates this somber anniversary, the movement vows to persist in its advocacy for justice, human rights, and an end to the alleged persecution faced by the Pashtun community.

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