Baloch freedom fighters send a clear message to Pak Army with multiple coordinated attacks

Nationalist Groups Challenge Election Facade in Balochistan
Pak Army's Election Narrative challenged (Photo - X)

In a resolute series of actions, Pak Army has witnessed a surge of attacks, numbering 39 since Tuesday, as nationalist forces aim to make a powerful statement. The Media Cell offices of the Pakistan People’s Party in Kalat were targeted, becoming a symbol of resistance. Election campaign offices on Western Bypass Quetta faced a calculated assault in this strategic move.

In addition, two more attacks have occurred, bringing the total tally to 41 in under 36 hours. This includes multiple grenade attacks on the residence of former Minister Rehmat Saleh in Panjgur and a failed bomb attack targeting the offices of National Assembly candidate Ijaz Sanjarani in Kharan.

A landmine blast in Dera Bugti and the targeting of a polling station in Jiwani were meticulously executed, intensifying the ongoing resistance that has persisted for over 24 hours. Pak “establishment” has also witnessed an additional 2 attacks, reaching a total of 34 within the past day. The fight extended to a Pakistan Army outpost in Keelkor and a military checkpoint at the Airport roundabout in Turbat.

These attacks are a strategic attempt to expose the deceptive nature of elections orchestrated by the Pak Army in the occupied region. The facade of elections, portrayed as a symbol of governance, are a tool for the oppressive Pakistan “establishment” to tighten its grip on Balochistan. In the midst of these operations, nationalist organizations and leaders are asking the public to reject the manufactured lies of the Army.

The Baloch National Movement urges the Baloch people to boycott the upcoming elections, emphasizing that voting would betray the sacrifices made by countless Baloch mothers who lost their sons to the oppressive Pak Army. They call on the populace to stand behind the forces of the Baloch liberation movement, turning the electoral resistance into a symbol of defiance.

Pro-independence Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, head of the Balochistan Liberation Front, vocalizes the gravity of the situation on social media. He appeals to the Baloch not to vote, revealing the complicity of the Pakistan’s parliament in atrocities against the Baloch people. He emphasizes their failure, exemplified by the sale of Gwadar in the name of #CPEC, benefiting China 75% and Islamabad 25%.

At this critical juncture, the Balochi Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), an alliance of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Guard (BRG), and Baloch Republican Army (BRA), issues a stark warning. BRAS declares that their freedom fighters are prepared for intensive attacks on the elections scheduled for 8th Feb and urges the Baloch public to stay away from the polls.

In a resounding proclamation, BRAS claims responsibility for 63 attacks in the last four days, targeting Pakistan Army, election campaigns, Army-affilicated infrastructures, and important installations in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab. This calculated resistance signifies a determined effort by nationalist forces to reclaim Balochistan’s autonomy and assert their identity in the face of continued oppression.

The upcoming days are crucial, shaping a narrative of resistance against oppression. The world watches, and the echoes of this struggle reach beyond borders, highlighting the resilience of Baloch people fighting for their identity and autonomy.

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