Tributes pour in as Quetta releases martyred bodies of BLA fidayeens from Dara-e-Bolan

Bodies Return Home After Public Outcry in Operation Dara-e-Bolan
Honoring the Martyred (Photo - X)

In a response to the ongoing demands of Pak-occupied-Balochistan residents, Quetta’s Civil Hospital has finally handed over the bodies of those lost in Operation Dara-e-Bolan, putting an end to a distressing two-day delay. The gathering of locals outside the hospital, demanding justice and the return of their loved ones, has resonated deeply.

On Friday evening, the hospital administration released six out of the fourteen bodies, including Kashif Shahwani, Wadood Satakzai, and Salal Akbar. This gesture followed relentless pleas from families, particularly the family of Salal Akbar from Parom, Panjgur.

An emotional tribute unfolded outside the hospital, where people lined up and showered the coffins with flowers. Heartfelt slogans echoed in honor of the fallen BLA fighters from Operation Dara-e-Bolan.

Furthermore, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has released details of its brave freedom fighters “fidayees,” who have sacrificed their lives for the Baloch cause. The statement revealed a diverse group including university graduates, an author, a poet, and a hafiz-e-Quran. These 13 individuals hailed from various regions, and the people of Quetta expressed their solidarity by showering flowers on the coffins of the BLA fighters lost during the Mach attack.

Honoring the Martyred

The BLA also provided clarity on the identities of the martyred, asserting that 12 of the 14 bodies belonged to its Majeed Brigade, who sacrificed their lives during Operation Dara-e-Bolan. The BLA emphasized that the remaining two individuals, a Levies official and a peon from Mach city, were not affiliated with their organization. However, these people sought safety during the fighting and turned themselves in to the BLA, but they were tragically killed by indiscriminate mortar fire from the Frontier Corps.

As the bodies return to their families, this sad event shows how strong the community is, wanting fairness and remembering those who gave everything. The bravery of these heroes will stay forever, pushing the Baloch community to demand responsibility and pay tribute to their memory.

The people of Pak-occupied Balochistan are staunchly battling the atrocities of daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom they have been subjected to since the Pakistan Army forcefully occupied their region on March 27, 1948. Their demands for justice reverberate across Pak-occupied Balochistan’s landscapes, growing louder with each passing day.

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