Multiple BLA attacks target Pak Army & Independence Day celebrations across Balochistan

BLA attack
BLA attacks Pakistan Army (Photo: BLA press release )

In a series of coordinated attacks around Pakistan’s Independence Day, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked Pakistan military installations and so-called Independence Day celebrations across various locations in Pak occupied Balochistan. The attacks as follows resulted in casualties and injuries among Pakistan Army personnel and collaborators.

Bolan: During a state gathering in Kolpur, Bolan, intended for Pakistan Independence Day celebrations, an attack took place involving a hand grenade. The incident occurred in the evening hours, leaving several individuals injured.

Turbat: A night earlier, BLA fighters targeted the main Pakistan Army camp in Turbat using grenade launchers. The attack left at least three enemy personnel injured. In a separate incident, BLA also raided a location based on intelligence, and killed two collaborators of the Pakistan military.

Panjgur: During an event related to the so-called Independence Day in Panjgur, the Deputy Commissioner’s office was attacked by BLA fighters using a hand grenade. The attack took place in the afternoon hours. In Panjgur only, BLA carried out another attack in Gichk area. At an unspecified time, a patrolling party of occupying forces was targeted by BLA fighters in Gichk, Panjgur, resulting in significant losses for the enemy troops.

Kalat: In Mangochar, Kalat, BLA fighters launched a two-directional attack on the main Pakistan Army camp. The intense assault occurred in the early morning hours, resulting in the deaths of two enemy personnel. Unfortunately, the retaliatory fire from the enemy troops claimed the life of a nomadic civilian.

Mastung: On 11 August, BLA carried out two attacks in Mastug. During their attack, BLA targeted the Police line offices and the Municipal Committee office, using hand grenades. These attacks led to losses among the occupying state’s police personnel.

August 14 Observed As Black Day Across Pakistan

The spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army, Jeeyand Baloch, issued a statement warning individuals involved in organizing events related to the “so-called Pakistani Independence Day” to refrain from their activities, or face the consequences. The BLA reiterated its commitment to continue targeting occupying forces until the liberation of Balochistan is achieved.

It is worth mentioning here that because of Pakistan’s enslavement mindset policies, several states including Balochistan observed August 14 as the Black Day.

It has been more than 75 years, since March 1948, and still Balochistan is under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. So, colonising Balochistan and claiming it to be Pakistan’s territory exposes Pakistan’s double standard on the right of freedom.

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