Multiple processions head to Muzaffarabad demanding basic rights in Pak-occupied J&K

Kashmiris in procession to Muzaffarabad, POJK (Photo: X)

After the initial hurdles due to Pakistani FC forces’ crackdown on peaceful civilians protesting for basic rights, multiple processions from across Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (POJK) are converging towards Muzaffarabad.

The processions are reaching Muzaffarabad from various regions, including Kotli, Poonch, Dadyal, Rawalkot, Mirpur, Tattapani, Bagh, and Hajira.

As protesters marching towards Muzaffarabad reached Rawlakot on May 12, the Pakistani Establishment extended an invitation to the POJK Joint Awami Action Committee leadership for a dialogue. The dialogue, which took place in Rawlakot, saw representation from the Establishment, including the GOC Murree, some Pakistan Army Officers stationed in Pakistani Occupied Jammu Kashmir (POJK), and the Chief Secretary of Pakistani Occupied Jammu Kashmir.

Despite the dialogue, the POJK AAC’s demands were not accepted by the Establishment, resulting in the failure of the negotiations. Consequently, the committee decided to persist with their Long March.

As the protesters arrived in Dhirkot, they took a moment to rest before setting off once again towards Muzaffarabad today, continuing their journey and their pursuit of their demands.

Additionally, a procession from Bagh is also on its way to reach Muzaffarabad, where the marchers have shown great resilience and remained undeterred by bad weather and rains.

In an address to the public, Awami Action Committee leader Shaukat Mir emphasized that the movement is about rights, attributing credit to the people of Poonch who initiated the demand in the early days. He stressed that the fight for rights should continue and that the rights of the people remain paramount and cannot be compromised for personal gains.

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