POJK: Pak Army fires indiscriminately on Kashmiris; 3 killed, over 30 injured

pojk protests
Kashmiri killed in Muzaffarabad killings by Pak Army (Photo: X)

The situation in Muzaffarabad has escalated dramatically as Pak Army began firing live rounds at protesters, killing 3 Kashmiris on Monday. More than 30 people have also been injured.

The unrest in Muzaffarabad intensified as protesters set Ranger vehicles on fire. In response, Rangers opened fire on the crowd, leaving at least 30 people injured and resulting in the deaths of three protesters. The atmosphere in the city has become highly volatile, with fears of further violence looming.

This came after Pakistan announced a multi-million dollar grant to provide urgent economic relief to the Kashmiris on Monday. The incident clearly shows that while Pakistan government seemed kneeling down in front of the demands of POJK Joint Awami Action Committee, the real controller of Pakistan, the Pak Army took revenge on people for their loss.

Adding to the tension, four helicopters carrying Pakistan Army commandos arrived in Muzaffarabad. Local sources confirm that Special Services Group (SSG) personnel were on the scene, further heightening the sense of urgency and danger.

The situation remains fluid, with ongoing reports of clashes and a heavy military presence in the city. The protests, which began as a peaceful demonstration for basic rights, have now turned into a deadly confrontation, marking a significant escalation in the region’s unrest.

Meanwhile, the Kashmiris living in Britain also started to protest against Pakistani establishment outside its assembly in London.

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