NDM Chief Mohsin Dawar stopped from participating in Chaman protest

chaman protest
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In a recent statement on the social media platform X, Mohsin Dawar, the leader of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) , expressed his concerns over the obstruction of Bajaur program and his participation in Chaman protest. He revealed that not only was he denied permission to partake in his party’s program in Bajaur, but he was also stopped from joining ongoing peaceful protest in Chaman.

Mohsin Dawar said, “Local authorities in Quetta and Chaman stopped me from participating in the protest in Chaman. A few weeks ago, I was not allowed to participate in our party’s event in Bajaur.The playing field is being leveled for a few. We stand in solidarity with the Chaman sit-in.”

The leader emphasized that the playing field served only a select few and that, despite these challenges, they stand united with those participating in the peaceful protests in Chaman. Surprisingly, the denial of participation in democratic processes raises questions about the principles of fairness and inclusivity.

BNP chief condemns administration

The situation has not gone unnoticed by other political figures. Albeit Sardar Akhtar Mengal, the head of the Balochistan National Party, condemned the prevention of Mohsin Dawar’s participation in the Chaman protests. In a message on the social media platform X, Mengal criticized the current government, describing it as an undertaker government. Accordingly, he argued that the government’s actions indicate a deliberate effort to use undemocratic tactics, hindering people from participating in fair and free elections.The incidents in Bajaur and Chaman underscore the challenges faced by political leaders striving for democratic rights and participation. Considerably, Pakistan is persistently curbing the rights of people across the region and is operating with a sinister interest.

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