Thousands of Palestinians forced to leave northern Gaza as Israel warns of attack

bombardment in gaza
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In a dramatic turn of events, a significant migration unfolded in the northern region of Gaza during a four-hour moratorium declared by Israel. The call for residents to evacuate came with a stark warning that failure to do so would put them at risk in the heavily bombed area. According to reports from foreign news agencies, this relocation occurred amidst a backdrop of escalating conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas.

Israeli forces claim to have surrounded the city of Abghaz, asserting that they have reached the center of the city. However, conflicting reports from Hamas suggest that their fighters inflicted heavy losses on Israeli soldiers.

Hamas has accused UNRWA of complicity in what they term as ‘forced relocation’. Salamah Maarouf, head of Hamas’ media bureau, squarely placed the blame on UNRWA and its officials for the destruction of lives in Gaza and the north. The UN, in turn, has labeled this mass migration as a humanitarian crisis, as a substantial number of Gaza’s 2.3 million population seek refuge in hospitals, schools, and other locations in the south.

The UN Liaison Office for Humanitarian Affairs reported a significant exodus, stating that approximately 15,000 people left the northern part on Tuesday, with 5,000 departing on Monday and 2,000 on Sunday. Israel’s evacuation orders even extended to patients in all 13 hospitals still operating in northern Gaza, as confirmed by the UN agency.

In the midst of this crisis, the health department in Gaza managed by Hamas within the confined area released grim statistics, claiming that more than 10,500 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israeli military operations, with a staggering 40 percent being children. These figures intensify the gravity of an already dire situation.

The World Organization for Health added another layer of distress, highlighting that, on average, 160 children succumb to tuberculosis daily. As the international community watches with growing concern, the fate of those caught in the crossfire hangs in the balance, prompting urgent calls for a peaceful resolution to this deeply entrenched conflict.

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