Occupying Pak Army battered by BLF & BLA in multiple attacks across Balochistan

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BLF Press release

Balochistan’s struggle for independence witnessed defiant actions as freedom fighters from the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) targeted the occupying Pakistan Army and construction sites.

On August 6, 2023, BLA freedom fighters attacked a supply vehicle belonging to the Pakistan military in Bulaida near Gardank area. The supplies meant for enemy forces were seized, and the vehicle was destroyed. Subsequently, the drivers, who were from Sindh, were released after being warned. The BLA spokesperson, Jeeyand Baloch, issued a warning to anyone involved in facilitating supplies for the occupying forces to refrain from such practices, or they would face consequences.

BLA Press Release (Photo: Social Media)

In a separate incident, the BLF’s Sarmachaars executed attacks at three locations in the Kech district. On August 5, at 8 pm, the Pakistan Army’s main camp in Dandaar Kolwah was targeted using heavy automatic weapons and rockets from three sides, causing extensive damage and resulting in two army personnel killed and several others injured.

Another attack took place on August 3 between Malikabad and Nazarabad in Tump, where a tanker and construction machinery were set ablaze. The target was a company involved in road construction, and the workers were released after being cautioned.

Additionally, on August 5, a skilled sniper team from BLF attacked a Pakistan Army post on the eastern side of Apsaar in Mand, resulting in the death of one army personnel. The BLF sniper team showcased their combat skills and precision in this operation.

Both the BLA and BLF have declared their determination to continue targeting the occupying Pakistani military and its collaborators until Balochistan gains its independence.

Since the illegal occupation of free Baloch land in March 1948, Pakistan has left no stone unturned in exploiting the Baloch land for its interests. The sole purpose of this illegal occupation was to expand the length and breadth of the country to make it more resource-inclusive, disregarding the rights of the people. Each voice that rises has been silenced using enforced disappearance or the ‘kill and dump’ policy. This makes the armed organizations’ struggle, like the BLA & BLF, even more significant.

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