OMG 2 release date postponed after CBFC intervention?

omg to release later?
Oh my God movie poster (Photo: Social media)

It was only recently that Akshay Kumar and his team announced that his much-awaited film, OMG2 would release on 11 August this year. However, if recent reports are to be believed, the makers of the movie may postpone the release date to accommodate the changes mentioned by the CBFC.

What’s the fuss about OMG2 all about?

OMG2, a sequel to the super-hit movie, OMG (released in 2012) has been in the news ever since it was announced. In the first week of June, when Akshay Kumar shared the film’s poster, the same was received with mixed responses. He was painted in blue, and it was clear that we would be playing Lord Shiva in the movie. The original movie was about an atheist (Paresh Rawal) filing a lawsuit against God (Krishna, played by Akshay Kumar). The messages delivered in this movie, and the way they were delivered, went on to make the movie a super hit. Naturally, there was a lot of expectation about its sequel.

After almost a decade when the news of OMG2 broke out, everybody was thrilled, and they wanted to witness the magic of Akshay Kumar and his godly avatar on screen again.  This satirical movie, directed by Amit Rai, also features Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi in important roles.

However, when news broke out that this movie would talk about sex education being made mandatory in schools, there was a lot of uproar among the general public, about a divine character in a story like this one. Though it is touted to be a satirical comedy, not everybody could accept Lord Shiva’s character dealing with such an issue, which led to lots of murmurs about the movie.

OMG2 Release Postponed?

After a long wait, the OMG2 team finally announced two days back that the movie would release on 11 August this year. With Gadar 2 already releasing on the same day, it is expected to be a clash of the Titans on that day. However, the makers of OMG2 were in for quite a shock, when they screened their movie to the CBFC.

Due to the nature of the content of OMG2, CBFC not only advised 20 modifications in the movie, but it also gave it an “A” certificate, if recent reports are to be believed. One of the major changes that the CBFC proposed was changing Akshay’s character from Lord Shiva to a Shiva Doot (messenger of Shiva).

The makers would have to make quite a lot of changes to their movie to accommodate the instructions of the CBFC. Akshay Kumar’s blue skin complexion in the movie is because he plays Lord Shiva. If that itself needs to be changed, the makers will need some time to incorporate everything. Hence, one expects that OMG2’s release may be postponed, though there has been no official confirmation from the makers. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising if the makers go ahead and release the movie as per their original plans as well.

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