Trump’s move to eradicate ‘child sex mutilation’ in the US

Trump's Move to Eradicate Child Mutilation
Trump's move to eradicate child sex mutilation in the US (File Photo)

In a recent speech, former President Donald Trump showcased his dedication to protecting children and preserving traditional values in America. Among his key proposals, Trump vowed to put an end to child mutilation across all 50 states, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding young lives and well-being.

Addressing concerns over certain school curricula, Trump pledged to take action on his first day back in office. He promised to sign an executive order cutting federal funding for schools promoting, “critical race theory, transgender insanity, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content” to ensure that children are not exposed to divisive ideas at a young age.

Furthermore, Trump advocated for fairness in women’s sports, highlighting his commitment to keeping male competitors out of female sports events.

Additionally, he emphasized his plan to push schools to promote what he referred to as “positive education about the nuclear family” and the traditional roles of mothers and fathers.

In light of the current upsurge in grooming culture that has become increasingly rampant across the United States, many citizens welcome former President Donald Trump’s commitment to protecting children and addressing inappropriate content in schools.

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