Pak Army abducts yet another Pashtun from Lahore

10 Civilians, Including Customs Official, Kidnapped in Quetta
Representative Photo

Recent reports of arbitrary detentions and human rights abuses have once again brought attention to the ongoing tensions in the Pashtun areas. The latest incident involves Hameed-Ullah, a resident of North Waziristan, who was reportedly detained by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Lahore.

Hameed-Ullah was missing for 18 days before being charged in a fabricated case. This incident has raised concerns about the community, this is not isolated events but part of a broader pattern affecting hundreds of Pashtuns monthly.

Earlier, Wali Salam, who had been reportedly missing for three years, died in an internment center, as he succumbed to injuries sustained from torture inflicted upon by Pak Army during his disappearance.

This policy in the area is a part of a strategy to maintain control over the resource-rich Pashtun regions. The Pakistan Army not only harbours terrorists in the region but also engaged in the abduction, torture, and rape of innocent Pashtuns. These actions are aimed at exerting control over the region, depriving of Pashtuns, and exploiting their resources for monetary gain.

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