Pak Army torture kills Pashtun man forcibly disappeared three years ago

Body of Wali Salim (Photo: News Intervention)
Body of Wali Salim (Photo: News Intervention)

The brutality of the Pakistan Army has once again come to the forefront in the Pashtun region. The family of Wali Salam, a Pashtun man of North Waziristan, received his lifeless body on May 4, sparking outrage and condemnation.

According to reports, Wali Salam had been subjected to undeserved torture by the Pakistan Army after being forcibly disappeared three years ago. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries in an internment center, highlighting the harrowing ordeal faced by many in the region.

Wali Salam’s case is just one among many in a long list of individuals who have reportedly suffered at the hands of the Pakistan Army in the Pashtun region. Just a couple of days ago, about 11 people were abducted or arrested by Pakistan Army without even telling the grounds of arrest. The pervasive nature of these alleged human rights abuses has cast a dark shadow over the entire Pashtun community.

Notably Pakistan Army harbours terrorists in the region while simultaneously gets engaged in the abduction, torture, and rape of innocent Pashtuns. These actions are aimed at exerting control over the region, perpetuating the deprivation of Pashtuns, and exploiting their resources for monetary gain.

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