Pak Army-backed armed extortionists injures Hindu trader in POB

Hindu trader injured in POB
Representative Photo

A Hindu businessman was seriously injured in a firing in Chaman border area of occupied Balochistan with Afghanistan. It has been reported that two armed motorcyclists opened fire on a pamphlet vendor Mukesh Kumar on Chaman Khushi Muhammad Road, injuring him.

According to local sources, there are various groups under the auspices of the Pak Army who are working to collect extortion from Hindu businessmen. When the incident was reported, the police were unable to reach the spot.Even earlier, Pakistan Army and ISI-backed Death Squads have been involved in cases of loot, extortion and killings across occupied Balochistan. In Khuzdar district there have been several incidents of murder of traders in cases of non-payment of extortion money to the Death Squads. Several incidents of kidnapping Hindu traders and demand for ransom have taken place in Khuzdar and adjoining districts of occupied Balochistan.

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