Pak Army backed Chaman police arrests PTM activist

ptm activist arrested
Activist Mullah Bahram (Photo - X)

Renowned activist Mullah Bahram has been arrested by Chaman police on outdated and baseless FIRs (First Information Reports). Bahram, known for his advocacy for peace in Pashtunkhwa and his stance against Army-sponsored terrorism, has been taken into custody, sparking outrage among local communities.

This arrest is the latest in a series of incidents of abduction of Pashtun activists. On September 6, 2023, Muhammad Usman, a resident of Wana, South Waziristan, was reportedly taken by military personnel from Baghicha Checkpoint. Till date, his whereabouts remain unknown

In another case, Hameed-Ullah, from North Waziristan, was detained by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) in Lahore. After 18 days of unaccounted absence, he was charged in a fabricated CTD case.

Such incidents are not isolated, hundreds of Pashtuns face similar treatment monthly. These actions are part of a broader pattern of human rights violations carried out under the guise of national security.

The situation has reignited long-standing grievances among Pashtun communities with peaceful organisations like PTM voicing their concern. Since 1947, the Punjabi Pak Army is exploiting Pashtuns for their own vested sinister interest while denying them basic rights. The militarization of Pashtun lands, including the establishment of checkpoints and military camps, has been a particular point of contention.

Furthermore, their management of the Durand Line, that arbitrary restricts Pashtuns who have familial and economic ties across the border. The use of landmines in the region has also been a severe threat to civilian safety, with reports of children being killed or maimed.

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