Pak Army-backed ‘Death Squad’ murders Hindu trader in Balochistan

Baloch businessmen protest at the Quetta-Karachi highway against the murder of Hindu trader Ashok Kumar by Pak Army-backed Death Squad. (Photo: News Intervention)
Baloch businessmen protest at the Quetta-Karachi highway against the murder of Hindu trader Ashok Kumar by Pak Army-backed Death Squad. (Photo: News Intervention)

Death Squads backed by the Pakistan Army struck once again in occupied Balochistan on Monday when they killed a Hindu businessman Ashok Kumar for his refusal to pay extortion money.

“Ashok Kumar was shot dead by the Death Squad of the notorious Islamic extremist Shafiq Mengal at 10 AM today (Monday) in Wadh Tehsil of Khuzdar District of occupied Balochistan,” a Baloch from Khuzdar told local media channels. Local people protested the cold blooded murder of Ashok Kumar by Shafiq Mengal-backed Death Squad and blocked the Quetta-Karachi highway. Shafiq Mengal is Pakistan Army’s stooge who has the backing of Rawalpindi to carry out all kinds of illegal activities across occupied Balochistan.

Ashok Kumar’s dead body at the hospital. ISI has propped up several criminal gangs known as ‘Death Squad’ across occupied Balochistan. These Death Squads run drug cartels, kidnap people for ransom and are indulged in extortions, among several other nefarious activities. One such Death Squad is run by Pakistan Army’s stooge Shafiq Mengal who murdered Ashok Kumar. (Photo: News Intervention)

“Death Squad goons opened fire this morning in Wadh Bazaar for not paying extortion and injured Hindu businessman Ashok Kumar. We rushed Ashok Kumar to the hospital in a critical condition where he succumbed to his injuries,” said another Baloch to the local media channels.

Protesting traders at the Quetta-Karachi main highway demanded protection for other traders, including Hindus. They also demanded that the murderers of Ashok Kumar be arrested immediately.

Hindu businessman Ashok Kumar who was shot dead by the Death Squad for his inability to pay extortion money. (Photo: News Intervention)

Even earlier, Pakistan Army and ISI-backed Death Squads have been involved in cases of loot, extortion and killings across occupied Balochistan. In Khuzdar district there have been several incidents of murder of traders in cases of non-payment of extortion money to the Death Squads. Several incidents of kidnapping Hindu traders and demand for ransom have taken place in Khuzdar and adjoining districts of occupied Balochistan.


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