Pak Army-backed Panjgur Death Squad releases photo of two Baloch ‘Missing Persons’

Pictures of two people, who were abducted from Balochistan’s Panjgur district, have been published on the social media, by their abductors. According to local sources, the Pakistani forces and members of the state backed death squad had abducted two youths from Geshti, Parom area of Punjgur. The abducted individuals were identified as Hameed (son of Mureed) and Muhammad Rahim (son of Qadir Buksh). Reportedly, both of them were forcefully taken into custody and later disappeared by the Pakistani forces.

The pictures of the victims were released on social media later on Monday. The locals and political circles claim that those social media accounts belong to the local “death squads”. According to sources, the two young men were forcibly abducted while they were working in the farms.

Death squads are state-backed local criminals created and controlled by the Pakistani military and are used to carry out their hit jobs inBalochistan. Their primary goal is prying on Baloch political activists especially the “pro-independence” leaders and denouncing them to the military or target kill them. They assist the Pakistani security forces during raids in various areas in Balochistan. To reciprocate for their espionage, the Pakistani authorities have given them a free hand in Balochistan: these criminals are involved in a myriad of social ills, like robberies, drug trafficking, ransom kidnapping, etc.

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