Pak’s Punjab province is spreading religious extremism in Sindh: JSFM

Bashir Khan Qureshi leader of the JSQM (Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz) was martyred in April 2012.
Bashir Khan Qureshi leader of the JSQM (Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz) was martyred in April 2012.

JSFM Sindh Freedom Movement Central Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi, General Secretary Hussain Sindhi, Additional Secretary Amir Azadi, Finance Secretary Sudo Sindhi, Coordinating Secretary Parh Sindhu, Press Secretary Hafeez Deshi released a communiqué on 21 Feb stating that “Martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi is our idol, and it will not be good for the state to disregard him, or else, the state will have to face dire consequences”.

They further said that “The state has not only disregarded  the honour of Martyr Bashir Qureshi but also the honour of the entire Sindh. . . Martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi, had always reached out to the corners of Sindh in difficult times and inherited the Sindhis. The entire of Sindh is his inheritance. The state should remember Sindh’s proud Sindhis who knows how to protect their mothers and sisters”.

Instead of 24 February, the JSQM leadership called the activist to shut down the entire Sindh today . “Our honours are not safe in Pakistan. Our mothers and sisters are also abducted and taken away by the agencies. Arresting the daughter of martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi and forcibly abducting her is a telling proof of which will have testimony to the  dangerous consequences”, they said.

Earlier, the state was responsible for the loss of lives of national workers. Now, they reported that their mothers and daughters were also being abducted and forcibly disappeared. They lamented that, “the honour of our martyrs is not safe today, because the state did not get a strong response. The state has challenged the pride of the Sindhi nation by arresting martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi’s niece. We appeal to the Sindhi nation to take to the streets to pay off the debt of the innumerable sacrifices of martyr Bashir Khan Qureshi. . . Religious extremism is being fanned in Sindh and national activists are being forcibly abducted. In Sindh, non-indigenous people are being settled by establishing military cantonments on a large scale, behind which the Punjab imperialism, which wants to completely capture Sindh, is being established.”

“Pakistan’s Punjab province is strengthening religious extremism in Sindh as part of an organised conspiracy and on the other hand, the state operation against the Sindh national movement is being intensified, which is the naked brutality of the state.”

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