Protests called across Sindh over gruesome murder of five local Sindhis

Nawabshah/ Sindh: Five members of Sindh’s Bhand community have been killed by an accomplice of Pakistan’s former president Asif Ali Zardari in an attempt to illegally capture their agricultural land in Nawabshah, Sindh. The murderer is one Mohsin Zardari who enjoys cordial relations with Zardari and due to this proximity the local police or the Sindh government is not willing to take any action.

Mohsin Zardari has also killed a local policeman SHO Abdul Hameed, and despite these gruesome six murders no case has been registered against him, thanks to his proximity to Asif Ali Zardari.

Zain Shah Mehr Dabbai Nisar Kerio and Dr. Niaz Kalani arrived at Nawab Wali Mohammad and expressed their condolences over the massacre and assured the victim’s families of justice and joined the protesters in their sit-in on the highway.

Police officers, local SHO and DSP tried to negotiate with the protesters to call off their strike but the protesters refused to do so. “We will continue to protest and our sit-in will also continue till FIR is registered against those responsible for these murders. We will not bury these five innocent Sindhi people till the time action is taken against the murderers,” said a Sindhi protester.

Protests, demonstrations and sit-in against the gruesome murder of five local Sindhis by Mohsin Zardari, who enjoys cordial relations with Pakistan’s former president Asif Ali Zardari. (Photo: News Intervention)

However, till the time of writing this news report no action had been taken against the murderer Mohsin Zardari.

Sindh’s political leaders Riaz Ali Chandio, Inam Abbasi and other leaders also reached out and expressed solidarity with the victims.

Sindh Action Committee (SAC) has called for a complete strike (shuttered strike) across Sindh. The leaders of Sindh Action Committee (SAC) and family members of the five victims have said that they will not bury the dead unless FIRs for murder are filed against Mohsin Zardari and his gang.

Nawab Wali Mohammad strongly supported the Sindh Action Committee’s protest against the murders and has called for a complete (shuttered) strike on February 15 across Sindh. Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) has also appealed to all JSFM workers to participate in this strike and protest against the gruesome murders of five innocent Sindhi by Mohsin Zardari. JSFM chairman Sohail Abro, vice chairman Zubair Sindhi and general secretary Hussain Sindhi Shabrani have supported the strike and protests against these killings.

In fact, these targeted killings and illegal capture of land of the indigenous Sindhi people has become quite rampant in recent times. Yet the local government and police never register cases against the murderers or the land grabbers.

Even in this latest spate of six murders no case has yet been registered despite political parties and social activists of Sindh having condemned these murders.

Sindh has been reeling under imperialist policies of Pakistan’s Punjab under which targeted killing of indigenous Sindhi population, illegal capture of their land and abduction of girls has become routine.

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