Pak Army backed terrorist group Jaish-al-Adal attacks Sistan-Balochistan in Iran

Attacked Iran facility in Sistan-Balochistan (Photo: X)

Terrorist group Jaish-al-Adal, blacklisted by Iran, has carried out three simultaneous attacks in Rask, Chabahar, and Sarbaz of Sistan-Balochistan in Iran. After the attack was launched on Wednesday night, clashes ensued between the terrorists and Iranian security forces.

Preliminary reports indicate that the attack happened at multiple locations leading to the killings of about 10 security personnel, while over 2 terrorists have been neutralized.

Accordingly, in their brief statement, Jaish-al-Adal has named 6 locations that were attacked across Chabahar, Rask and Sarbaz:-

  1. Faraja naval headquarters in Chabahar.
  2. Police station 11 in Chabahar.
  3. Faraja Awareness Center in Chabahar.
  4. Headquarters of Chabahar Army Corps.
  5. Rusk District Corps at Rask-Chabahar road in Rask city, Golkand district,
  6. The local base of the Revolutionary Guards at Sarbaz-Rask two-way Parud road.

Also the terorrist group has highlighted the Police station 11 in Chabahar as the location of Colonel Ebrahim Khouchakzai, the police commander who raped a 15-year-old Baloch girl in September 2022 which led to widespread protests that culminated into a brutal massacre of about 96 protestors on September 30, which came to be known as “Black Friday”.

Nonetheless, Jaish-al-Adl, the anti-Iran terror outfit, claimed responsibility for the attack in Sistan-Balochistan, and asserted that they managed to gain control of the road between Sarbaz and Rask, warning residents to avoid traveling on the roads of Rask, Chabahar, and Sarbaz City. The group also claimed to have taken control of one base and a police station.

Pakistan, patron of Jaish-al-Adal

Additionally, the attack comes in the aftermath of Iran’s airstrike targeting Jaish-al-Adal operatives, including senior commander Ismail Shahbakhsh, within Pakistani territory. The group has a history of launching attacks on Iranian security forces, with a notable incident in December targeting a police station and claiming the lives of 11 police personnel.

Considerably, Jaish-al-Adal mostly operates from the occupied Balochistan’s Parom, Zamuran, Panjgur, Mashkel and Washuk under the patronage of Pakistan Army. In fact, Jaish-ul-Adal have set up checkpoints on the road in these regions wherein they stop vehicles of Baloch people engaged in border trade and extort thousands of rupees per vehicle as forced tax.

The relation between Pakistan Army and Jaish is based on Quid-pro-Quo. Jaish works as an informant of Pak Army against Baloch sarmachaars (freedom fighters) while it gets patronage and safe haven from Pak Army against Iran.

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