Pak Army burns down hundreds of villages in Pak-occupied Balochistan

The Pak Army Burns Down hundreds of villages in POB
Pak Army burns down villages (Source: X)

In a disturbing case, the Pak Army has burnt down hundreds of villages in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan forcing mass evacuations. This reprehensible action of the Pak Army has resulted in displacing thousands of innocent families who are now left to languish as IDPs.

This blatant disregard for basic human rights is nothing new to the Pak Army who have consistently inflicted their atrocities to the innocent Baloch people. The Baloch people have been subjected to ceaseless oppression since March 27, 1948, including daily home invasions, abductions for ransom, disappearances, simulated encounters, target killings, and torture.

The provinces of Pak-occupied Balochistan have become a focal point of exploitation, with the Pak Army orchestrating a sinister plan to plunder the region’s wealth. This crisis needs urgent global attention and efforts towards peace and justice in Balochistan.

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