Pak-occupied Sindh should revolt against national slavery: Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement logo
Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement logo

In an urge to revolt against the national slavery, Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) has declared to hold a grand national rally in Sann City on January 17, 2024, commemorating the 120th anniversary of Sain GM Syed, the founder of modern Sindhi Nationalism.

The decision was announced by Sohail Abro, Chairman of JSFM, during a meeting of the central body. The gathering, attended by key officials including Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi and General Secretary Amar Azadi, aimed to organize the event with discipline. The central leaders also emphasized the importance of the occasion, announcing plans for a cutting ceremony at Syed’s shrine.

However, the JSFM leadership expressed concerns about the actions of the caretaker Sindh government. In fact, they accused the occupying Pak government of planning to grab agricultural lands in Sindh, allegedly in collaboration with military companies. The leaders called attention to the use of various tactics to harass political national workers in Sindh and highlighted cases of activists being forcibly abducted and imprisoned on false charges.

In a joint statement, the JSFM central leadership urged international organizations to take notice of these alleged human rights violations and called for the release of detained national activists. The leaders emphasized their commitment to holding a peaceful national rally on January 17, inviting youth, women, and children to participate.

Sohail Abro, Central Chairman of JSFM, reiterated the movement’s call for the Sindhi nation to challenge this national slavery. He encouraged all national workers to attend the upcoming rally as a show of solidarity against the challenges faced by the community.

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