Pak Army fires & kills cancer patient in Balochistan

A teenage boy who was battling cancer, lost his life due to incessant and unprovoked firing by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan. Sources told News Intervention that the adolescent victim, Imam son of Sher Mohammed, was traveling along with his uncle and younger brother when Pakistan Army soldiers opened fire on the vehicle in Aapsikan area of Mand in Kech.

Imam was fatally injuries in this firing and his brother was taken away by the Pakistani forces. As per the reports, Imam died due to intense bleeding as the Pakistani forces kept him under their custody for a very long time without medical treatment.

Later the Pakistan Army personnel handed him over to their military wing and he was also kept there for some hours. At last when he was taken to the hospital, it was too late.

The young boy Imam was already battling cancer and was receiving financial help from the Baloch locals for his treatment.

Imam was a cancer patient who was under treatment. Pakistan Army fired upon him and killed him.

Imam was a cancer patient who was under treatment in Balochistan. Pakistan Army fired and killed him.

Many cases of collective punishment in the past by Pakistan Army have been reported in this region of Balochistan.

Due to the insurgency in the region and skirmishes between Pakistan Army and Balochistan’s pro-independence forces, the Pakistan Army indiscriminately targets innocent Baloch civilians.

This is the fifth freedom struggle in Balochistan that has been going on for the last two decades. Over the last 72 years Balochistan is under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

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