Pakistan’s dishonoring the dead bodies of Baloch freedom fighters shows its lack of human dignity: BNM

Major Noora's body being dragged by Pakistani vehicle in occupied Balochistan. A soldier of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Major Noora was martyred while fighting with Pakistan Army.
Major Noora's body being dragged by Pakistani vehicle in occupied Balochistan. A soldier of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Major Noora was martyred while fighting with Pakistan Army.

Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM) and Dr Murad Baloch, Secretary-General BNM in their joint statement paid tributes to the martyr Major Noora and his companions. They said that the Pakistan Army martyred them in ground and aerial military operation in the Parom area of Panjgur. After killing the martyrs their bodies were despoiled and dishonored. This act of Pakistani Army reflects that Pakistan and its soldiers lack human dignity and proves Pakistan’s inherent hatred towards the Baloch nation.

Pakistan Army flouted human dignity, war ethics and international laws by tying the bodies of Baloch martyrs and dragging them behind a vehicle. Such brutal acts and tactics of “outrage upon personal dignity” display Pakistan’s hatred against the Baloch nation.

Such crimes by the Pakistani Army have also taken place in previous instances such as in Mashkay, when the Pakistan Army committed a similar barbaric act of despoiling the bodies of Master Safar Khan and martyr Sulaiman. “We also brought that war crime to the notice of international organizations and world powers but they failed to take any noticeable step. As a result, Pakistan keeps enjoying impunity in violating international laws,” said Khalil Baloch and Dr Murad Baloch in their joint statement.

They further added that Major Noora and his three friends with their bravery, valor and sacrifice have written a new chapter in Balochistan’s war for freedom and justice. “These brave sons of the soil with their courage, bravery and blood had created history that would perpetually be remembered by the coming generations of Baloch nation,” the joint statement added.

They further added Momin Jan, who was also among the martyrs of Parom, Nawaz Jan and his brother Abdul Malik embraced martyrdom in this military operation. They opted for the path of martyrdom in defense of their right to freedom rather than surrendering before the enemy. The Baloch nation would never forget the sacrifices they made for the nation. The sacrifices of Baloch martyrs have always motivated the youth to resist the invading and occupying enemy. 

Martyrs of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) being dragged by Pakistan Army.

They added, “the international bodies must send their peacekeeping mission in war-affected Balochistan in order to ensure that international rules of law are being followed. Pakistan is on top of the list at violating international laws and committing war crimes, but the crimes are being ignored due to the dual policies of several organizations, countries and international political interests.”

The leaders of BNM stated that the history of Balochistan is rich with bravery and valor. The sons of soil have been defending their motherland from times immemorial. Major Noora was associated with the Baloch national struggle as a peaceful student activist. He was a member of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO). The state felt threatened by his ideology and his student politics. He was abducted and “enforced into disappearance” from Lahore in July 2010 while he was a student at one of Pakistan’s top universities i.e King Edward University. He was tortured by the ISI during his “enforced disappearance”. The ISI later forced him to conduct a press conference in Lahore in an attempt to absolve ISI of his and other Baloch activists’ “enforced disappearance”. The brutal torture and humiliation of Noora forced him to discontinue his education and join ranks with BLF. He chose to continue his struggle for freedom with the help of a gun rather than surrendering to Pakistan’s policy of abduction and humiliation of peaceful political activists. He remained on this path until he embraced martyrdom on April 26, 2020.

Khalil Baloch and Dr Murad Baloch in their joint statement remarked that Major Noora had not only defied Pakistani enemies on the ground but also on battlefield at the time of his martyrdom. Before being killed he sent his last message to Baloch nation. Defiant as always, he conveyed a clear message to the enemy and to the Baloch people that the enemy might kill us but would not suppress the voice of Baloch nation for national freedom. “The way Major Noora looked into the eyes of death and fought the occupying forces is itself a history which will be remembered forever.”


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