Pak Army forcibly disappears Baloch father & son in Pak-occupied Balochistan


The disturbing turn of incidents in Pak-occupied Balochistan has once again shed light on the pervasive human rights abuse by the Pak Army. The Pak Army has forcibly disappeared four individuals from the Awaran and Mastung districts of Pak-occupied Balochistan, among them is a father and his son, adding to the series of daily reported cases of enforced disappearance.

Reportedly, the Pak Army has forcibly detained a man identified as Majeed and his son Ajeem from the Jhal Chedgi area of the district and then subsequently moved them to an undisclosed location. In a similar incident, the Pak Army had wrongfully arrested Salam Qambarani from Peerandar Awaran and moved him to an undisclosed location.

Also, in the Mastung district of Pak-occupied Balochistan, the Pak Army detained a youth on February 2nd, 2024 and then forcibly disappeared him. The victim is identified as Mohammad Alizai.

It is important to note that these cases of enforced disappearance are not uncommon in Pak-occupied Balochistan. it occurs daily. Notably, six cases of enforced disappearances were recorded on Wednesday alone from different parts of the region. Families of Baloch missing persons, on the other hand, have been protesting nonstop for their loved ones’ safe return. A sit-in has been going on for the last eight days on the D-Baloch Highway close to Turbat in hopes of securing the safe return of the individuals who disappeared from the district of Kech.

Since the Pak Army forcibly occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948, the people of Pak-occupied Balochistan have been fighting against the atrocities and Baloch genocide committed by the Pak Army. These atrocities are not just limited to daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom.

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