Pakistan Army murders another enforced disappearance Baloch teenager

Enforced disappearance victim Arman Baloch killed
Arman Baloch's mother (Photo - X)

In a tragic event, Arman Baloch, once a joyful teenager in a close-knit family, was forcibly disappeared on July 2, 2023. The trauma inflicted upon his mother and family since that day is immeasurable.

The heartbreak of a mother is immeasurable who is aware that her child is enduring physical and mental torment in secret dungeons under of Pak Army. She remained undeterred by the indifference of the Pak “establishment” and its puppet officials, and embarked on a courageous journey from Quetta to Islamabad, covering hundreds of kilometers, facing harsh weather, mental and physical distress, and the callousness of Pak Army.

For over a month, she stood at the forcibly disappeared persons camp in Islamabad, in front of the National Press Club (NPC), desperately seeking information about her missing son. Her return home, bearing the same picture of her disappeared son, reflected the profound agony of a mother left without answers.

Seven agonizing months later, her son returned, but his body was marred by bullets. Shockingly but as an expected, not only she discovered that her child had been extrajudicially killed in a staged encounter, but was also branded as a terrorist.

The ordeal worsened as Pak Army initially denied her the right to claim her son’s body. After enduring hours of torture and staging a demonstration at the Civil Hospital in Quetta, she finally reclaimed her son. The injustice inflicted upon this grieving mother reveals a tragic tale of loss, resistance, and the harsh realities faced by those seeking truth and justice.

Pak -occupied Balochistan is enduring violence for decades under the Pak Army. They are indiscriminately shot, abducted and extrajudicially killed. Once a resource rich province, now lies in the ruins because of bullets from the Army.

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