Pak Army raids village in POB, abducts four Baloch

POB vIllage raided
Four abducted Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

Pakistani Army has increased it’s enforced disappearances of Baloch people. Four more Baloch have become victims of state aggression. They have been forcibly disappeared during an offensive by the Pakistani Army in Kharan area of occupied Balochistan.

The operation was carried out in the village of Bengalzai of Kharan. According to local sources, at around two o’clock, the forces launched a military offensive in the area of ​​Kali Bengalzai of Kharan and started a search operation in the entire area. During the house-to-house search, four persons were arrested. They have been transferred to an unknown location.

The missing persons have been identified as Attaullah Banglazai son of Ali Mohammad Banglazai, Ghulam Mohammad Banglazai son of Ali Mohammad, Amir Hamza Banglazai son of Naseer Ahmed Banglazai and Amanullah Banglazai son of Naseer Ahmed Banglazai.The Pak Army time and again conduct military operations. Whenever, they conduct military operations human rights are brazenly flaunted, raiding houses, setting up random check posts in different areas and forcibly kidnapping the locals.

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