Pak army’s aggression is driving Baloch to suicide: BNM

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The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement in his recent statement stated  people in Balochistan were being forced to commit suicide because of the aggression of the Pak army.State repression had led to the suicide of Ajaab Yelanzhai’s brother Lutfullah Yelanzhai and his wife. He added, “ these are not suicides but murders”. He said that the Pak army continuously kept raiding Ajaab’s house even after he was harassed physically and mentally  which led to Yelanzhai’s wife to commit suicide which was followed by the suicide of her grieving husband.

He said that suicides in Balochistan has become a social problem and has escalated to another level. People in Balochistan have become frustrated with the repression of the Pak army and the puppet government not doing anything. Majority of the suicide victims are a younger lot while women are also committing suicide in large numbers.

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