Pak Army’s ruthless military operation intensifies in POB’s Bolan district

The Bolan district of Pak-occupied Balochistan is witnessing violence and turmoil as Pakistan Army persists in a military operation
Operation Bolan (Photo: X)

Pak-occupied Balochistan’s Bolan district is gripped by violence and turmoil as the Pakistan Army persists in a military operation for the third consecutive day. The area is witnessing gunship helicopters hovering overhead, disrupting the civilian settlements, while Army personnel advance toward the mountainous regions.

Reportedly, explosions and shelling in the mountainous areas can be heard echoing, and two innocent herders also arrested, sons of a man named Aliyan, during the ongoing operation. The names of the arrested individuals remain unverified, leaving their families tensed and anxious in uncertainty.

The operation, which began three days ago, has witnessed a significant escalation, with forces advancing in various areas of Bolan, including Jambro, Chakki Wadh, Mian Kor, Lakkar, and others. These events are not new in the resource-rich, Pak-occupied region. However, they paint a grim picture of the Baloch community living under the atrocities of the brutal Pak Army. With homes set ablaze, thousands of animals burnt to death, and reports of forced disappearances of innocent civilians, men, women, and children, Pak-occupied Balochistan is facing all sorts of brutality known to humans.

In the suburbs of Dhadar, the heart of Bolan, the Pakistan Army has surrounded the houses of herdsmen and their relatives. Houses have been set on fire, and a military siege has been imposed on the homes of the wealthy and their relatives, with women and children held in custody.

While the Army has remained silent on the operation, the local community fears the impending repercussions. With images emerging from Bolan and gripping fear among the residents, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the region. As the valleys of Bolan resonate with the echoes of conflict, the world watches in silence.

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