Epidemic in Pak-occupied Balochistan kills two children and affects multiple areas

An epidemic of losses has struck the Khuzdar district's Naal Yousaf Dhil Canal area
Epidemic losses at Naal (Photo: X)

In a tragic turn of events, an epidemic of losses struck the Naal Yousaf Dhil Canal area in Khuzdar district, causing the premature death of two children and leaving several others affected.

Haji Ahmed Nawaz Baloch, the chairman of the reputed tehsil Naal, informed the media that he has urged the health department to control the outbreak of losses in Naal. He expressed his concern that if timely action is not taken by the health department to control the unfortunate disease, the epidemic in no time will spread throughout the entire region and will be beyond the control of the health department.

He has demanded authorities address this crisis and take immediate action to send teams of doctors to control the outbreak to prevent any further loss of life.

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