POB: Goods transport owners outcry extortion and harassment at checkpoints by Pak Army

The goods transport owners are facing rampant extortion and harassment at checkpoints
Robbery disguised as Checkpoints (Photo: X)

Recently, the goods transport owners of Pak-occupied Balochistan have collectively expressed their outcry against the rampant extortion and harassment at checkpoints along the Lak Pass highway of the Mastung district of Pak-occupied Balochistan.

Haji Noor Muhammad, the central president of Balochistan Goods Transport Owners Association along with many other transporters have jointly stated that Mastung Khadakacha Daring at Lak Pass highway and other check posts has been made a hotbed of robbery by the police, levies and Pak Army.

The truck drivers are being harassed, under the pretext of diesel and tax, and the large vehicles are stopped for hours and extorted. They highlighted the coercive demands for exorbitant bribes ranging from 300,000 to 1.2 million rupees per vehicle.

Protests against the coast guards are ongoing at the location of Darin Isna Othal by the coach owners. The transporters have expressed their anger with the attitude of the administration and are appealing to the relevant authorities to reform the situation and take decisive measures to end their ordeal as soon as possible, otherwise, transporters will be forced to protest vehemently, especially against the Mastung administration.

The Pak Army has time and again damaged Balochistan either directly or with proxies. These incidents show how the innocent Baloch community is living in this nightmare where the future is unsafe.

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