Pak forces abduct Baloch mother, hand her to ‘Death Squad’

(Representative illustration)
(Representative illustration)

Mashkey/ occupied Balochistan: Pakistan’s barbarism continues in occupied Balochistan with the abduction of another Baloch woman by Pakistani forces from district Awaran. Naz Bibi, mother and a resident of Qalat area of Mashkey in district Awaran was abducted four days ago and shifted to a military camp where she has been subject to inhuman torture.

Local sources in Balochistan told News Intervention that Naz Bibi was first subjected to extreme physical and mental torture and then handed over to a state-backed ‘Death Squad’ goon named Akram Sajidi.

Baloch sources said that Pakistani forces had abducted Naz Bibi on an earlier occasion but at that time she was released after a few days torture in the Pakistani military torture cells.

Pakistan’s military barbarism and war crimes are increasing with each passing day in occupied Balochistan. Local Baloch sources asserted that this is not the first tragedy where a Baloch women has been forcibly abducted, subjected to extreme torture and later on handed over to the Death Squads’ goons. These forced abductions have been taking place in Jahoo, Koh-e-Isfeet, Ragy and other areas as well.

Baloch locals said that Mashkey completely turns into a military camp where after 7 PM nobody is allowed to step out of their homes but then the Pakistani security men forcefully enter the houses, misbehave with women and harass the Baloch men and children.

However, Pakistan Army along with its backed ‘Death Squads’ have made a complete network to spread drugs among youth across occupied Balochistan. Local sources said that Pakistani security men and their Death Squads forcibly inject drugs on children in Mashkey, district Awaran.


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