People’s movement in POK gaining momentum

Protest march in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).
Protest march in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).

The struggle for freedom and revolution is difficult and one must be patient. The results of freedom struggle do not come overnight, but the constant struggle for the rights becomes the basis for organizing the people. Discipline must be maintained while maintaining the continuity of the freedom struggle, and mistakes made during the struggle must be identified and rectified. When there are mistakes during an action then these mistakes and shortcomings must be rectified. Repeating these mistakes is very harmful. At the end of the second phase of “Leave Jammu and Kashmir Movement,” the workers and leadership of the People’s National Alliance (PNA) have collectively shown resilience.

On their return to Muzaffarabad, the PNA have managed to garner the sympathy of a large section of the public. At the same time, the PNA workers have returned with a new revolutionary spirit, determined to go to the masses for the third phase of their movement with greater intensity.

At the end of the second phase of the movement, the contradictions between the occupying forces and subjugated masses had deepened to such an extent that some new questions had arisen among the lower and conscious strata of the masses, especially the youth, along with debates and very weak dialogues. They had also begun to take a strong position over time.

Some of these questions and debates are common. For instance: If the governments of Muzaffarabad and Gilgit are empowered to form an assembly that will present the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to the world, can we really take any practical steps to restore the unity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir? Are we ready for it?

Is the question of independence of Srinagar connected with the question of independence of Muzaffarabad?

If there is real enmity between the upper classes of Pakistan and India, then why doesn’t Pakistan cancel all the agreements with India over the issue of Jammu and Kashmir? What is the freedom in the presence of Act 74, Karachi Agreement and the Lent Officers?

Many more such questions are under discussion after October 22. These are the questions that need to be discussed with the people in the language of the people. We will continue our struggle while adhering to the philosophy of giving awareness to the people and taking awareness from the people. We will increase, because what we learn from the analysis of society, the majority of the people learn from the day-to-day process, and during any movement, the people learn very quickly and move forward.

We have returned to Muzaffarabad with the determination and spirit that we will work tirelessly and continuously to organize the people on the right basis. Today the situation is such that right and wrong, good and bad, friend and foe are more than in the past. The difference between freedom and slavery has become easier to understand.

Let’s move forward while strengthening the belief in the victory of the organized people. Victory awaits the people.


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