Pakistan uses its puppets to subvert democracy in POK

Protests in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. (Representative photo) (POK)
Protests in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). (Representative photo)

The news about attack on free thinkers in Rawalkot (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) by a tribal group is not the complete story. Simply because this is not just an attack by a tribal group, rather it’s the hand of ruling classes sitting in Muzaffarabad behind these attacking tribal group that must be looked in detail. From generation to generation occupying forces of Pakistan have been looting state resources in POK with the privileged classes playing a supporting role.

Occupying Pakistan uses its puppets to deprive the people of Occupied Kashmir of their democratic right to vote. Propagation of any ideology through peaceful means and methods is a fundamental human right and this is a universal human right across the world. It is also present in the constitution of Pakistan, but Pakistan does not take into account any principle in depriving the people of their right to vote in their occupied territories. This is Pakistan’s history from Bangladesh to Balochistan and from Sindh to Pakhtunkhwa. Occupied Kashmir has its own free thinking atmosphere.

It’s in this context that the July 19 terrorist attack on JKPP (Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party) by a tribal group during a joint peaceful protest organized by the ideologically aligned organizations such as JKNAP (Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party) and JKNSF (Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation) against the false, baseless and anti-people occupation of Pakistan is important. Since 1947, history has slapped the false mujahids and invaders in their face and proved them to be traitors of the land. In occupied Kashmir also they have resorted to high-handed tactics. But the people of occupied Kashmir are beginning to understand the difference between slavery, recognizing right and wrong and are now exposing the culprits of history.

The state of Pakistan is being exposed in front of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The people of occupied Kashmir have understood the doublespeak of occupying Pakistan and its proxies are being exposed in front of the people of POK. And so the occupying power and its dummy rulers are fearful of the development. They want to stop this development by force and coercion, but the movement of development and progress cannot be stopped by any coercive means. Elimination of obsolete ideology and thinking and the victory of modern ideology over these occupying mindset is inevitable.

As a result of the July 19 attack on the Liberals in POK, the Liberal and Progressive forces will have to formulate a serious strategy, not only to remain united in alliance but also to form alliances with the Baloch, Pakhtunkhwa and Sindhi movements. The struggle of the subjugated classes becomes common. Given the role of the fascist and occupying state of Pakistan, engagement with friendly forces is need of the hour. And given the current situation, the responsibilities and duties of the People’s National Alliance (PNA) have increased.

In order to fulfill these duties and responsibilities effectively, the PNA will have to formulate a clear and solid policy. Our struggle must take a more mature form and move on to the next step. It’s the demand of time and it is imperative to openly support the struggles and movements of the subjugated nationalities and oppressed classes. It will be a process of strengthening our struggle externally, and internally facilitating the lost rulers and the role of the occupying state. By exposing it to the world, the solid foundation of the people’s resistance movement must be laid.


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