Pak minister Riaz Pirzada admits murder of ‘Missing Persons’

Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh protest ( Photo: News Intervention)

Surat Lohar, Chairperson, Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh from Karachi, Pakistan said that Pakistan’s federal minister for Human Rights, Riaz Pirzada has claimed for the first time on behalf of the state that “many missing persons have been killed”.He accused the missing persons of being in touch with neighbouring countries and Kulbhushan Jadav and being involved in terrorist activities in other areas, including Quetta.He said that all of them have been killed by the Pakistani forces.He defended the state forces and the missing agencies ISI and MI, saying that instead of the Missing Persons Commission, ISI  and MI should see the problem of missing persons.”To this day, representatives of the Pakistani state in every international institutions and courts have been showing disinterest and ignorance on the issue of missing persons.But this is the first time that Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights Riaz Pirzada has claimed that the missing persons were killed by state forces in response to a question from journalist yesterday.”Surat Lohar, chairperson of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, an organization working on human rights and missing persons in Sindh, reacted strongly to the statement federal minister Riaz Pirzada has made .All these missing persons are being claimed to have been killed without conviction or for judicial proceedings or for exercising the legal and human right to defend themselves. Lohar further questioned, “What more hope do we have for the recovery and justice of those missing from such state institutions? She added, “now the Pakistani state is openly declaring that we have killed missing persons.We now appeal to all international organizations and human rights organizations, including the United Nations, Amnesty International, Red Cross,  Asian Human Rights Commission, thousands of political, social and nationalist activists from Sindh and Balochistan who have been forcibly abducted by Pak forces for many years.International organizations should make Pakistan accountable to the global conscience by forming their own commissions and special task forces on this issue on the basis of human rights and play their global, political and diplomatic role on forced abductions and gross human rights violation in Sindh and Balochistan.All human rights organizations around the world, including the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and the Asian Human Rights Commission, should take note”.

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