Protest breaks out in Karachi against prolonged load shedding

Protestors in Karachi block roads to protest against continued load shedding (Photo: News Intervention)

Unannounced load shedding in different parts of Karachi, the capital of Pakistan Sindh Province has tested the patience of the people.Roads were blocked for 20 long hours of protest on Maripur Road.There were long queues of vehicles on the  ICI Bridge, Jinnah Bridge Netty Jetty.With the increase in heat intensity in Karachi, the humidity in the air also reached 65%.Long hours of  load shedding in many areas have overwhelmed  the patience of citizens.Traffic flow was severely affected due to this protests at Madi Pod Road, ICI Bridge, MT Khan road and Nishtar road among others.The protesters also carried placards against Karachi Electric in their hands.Protesters said Karachi Electric did not listen despite making complaints.Police tried to negotiate with protesters but failed.Police gave time to the protesters to open the highway but the protestors said that the demonstration would not end till talks with Karachi Electric officials or the Chief Minister was not conducted.

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