Pak-occupied Balochistan shuts down as a protest against oppression of Pak Army

Balochistan's Stand Against Enforced Disappearances
Balochistan's Unyielding Resistance Against Injustice (Photo - X)

Following the controversial comments made by Pakistan’s puppet Prime Minister, the Islamabad Police has aggressively targeted demonstrators today, even obstructing their access to essential supplies. In a disturbing incident, a police officer displayed inappropriate behavior towards Sammi Baluch, a prominent figure in the protest and a victim of the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army.

The officer falsely accused her of seeking publicity, thereby belittling the immense hardships and violence endured by the Baloch community at the hands of the Pakistan Army. The Islamabad police and administration persistently engage in harassment against individuals advocating for the victims of enforced disappearances.

A large contingent of police personnel encircled the peaceful sit-in camp, protesting against the Baloch genocide. Their actions have reached a new low as they are now preventing essential supplies from reaching the protestors during the harsh winter in Islamabad.

Baloch Struggle Against Genocide

Even those who expressed solidarity with the cause have faced consequences. In Turbat and Kohlu districts, over 44 government employees were suspended from service on charges of supporting the Turbat sit-in and participating in the March Against Baloch Genocide. Despite the expiration of the ultimatum and the failure of the Pak “establishment” and actors to engage in successful negotiations, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee has deemed it necessary to announce a press conference.

Nevertheless, residents of Panjgur remained steadfast in expressing their support for the cause and standing with Balochistan. They proudly raised the flag of Balochistan and inscribed messages on walls in favor of the Baloch Liberation Army. The freedom fighters group that has vowed to remove the occupying Pak Army from their land. This movement represents the voice of Balochistan.

Demonstrating solidarity with the #MarchAgainstBalochGenocide, the residents of Gilgit have united by closing all markets and shops through a Shutter-Down Strike. Scenes from Kurkani depict the impact of this strike and the accompanying protest rally. Similarly, scenes from Barkhan showcase the Baloch Solidarity Committee’s contribution to the shutter-down strike.

Balochistan’s Stand Against Enforced Disappearances

Awaran that has bear the brunt of Army’s repressive “kill and dump” policy, and stands out as the most affected region, encompassing fake encounters, military operations, and enforced disappearances of Baloch individuals. Awaran also observed the shutter-down strike.

Taunsa as well expressed solidarity with Baloch Long March against Genocide through a comprehensive Shutter-Down Strike. In Gwadar, all markets and shops have been closed in response to the demand. In addition, Turbat also observed a Complete Shutter Down on the 41st day of the movement against Baloch Genocide, as called by the Baloch Yakjehti Committee.

In Noshki, the resurgence of the Shutter-Down protest, ignited by the Baloch Yakjehti Committee’s call, cannot be ignored. Despite the Pakistan Army’s relentless attempts to quash the movement through threats and violence, the unwavering determination to END BALOCH GENOCIDE prevails. Citizens are voluntarily closing their shops in solidarity with the Sit-In at NPC, Islamabad.

Since March 27, 1948, the Baloch people have faced relentless oppression through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, and kidnappings for ransom. The march, ignited by the extrajudicial killing of Balaach Mola Bakhsh, stands firm in its demands for the release of missing persons, the disarmament of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), and accountability for the Army’s transgressions.

The march presses on, a peaceful plea to the world – international media and institutions, the plea is simple: amplify their message globally. Expose the oppressive reality in Pakistan, where the Baloch people endure genocide without even being granted the fundamental right to peacefully protest against these atrocities. Let their voice resound across the globe!

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