Rise in the abduction and conversion of Hindu women and girls in Sindh

abduction and conversion of hindu girls
Victim Hindu Women Hariyan Kolhi (Photo: News Intervention)

In a distressing incident in Badin, Sindh, a minor Hindu girl named Beena Kohli has been abducted, sparking grave concern among the local community. Later, the radical Islamist who abducted her, named Wahid Lagati forcibly converting her to Islam.

This incident has prompted outrage and apprehension among the Hindu community in the region, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by minority groups in Pakistan. The abduction and purported forced conversion have ignited calls for immediate intervention and justice from both local authorities and human rights activists.

The tragic case of Beena coincides with another case of abduction and conversion involving a Hindu married woman. As per reports, Hariyan Kolhi, was abducted and forcefully converted to Islam by Pir Aga Jan Sharhandi in Nagarparkar, Sindh. Subsequently, she was married off to Bhuroo Khoso.

The incidents of atrocities over Hindu women and girls are on the rise in Pakistan and especially in Sindh. The sole motive behind such abductions and forceful conversions is to Islamise the entire minority community in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this precarious condition of Hindus is worsening because of the silence and tacit consent of every institution that is attributed to be the part of legal-political system in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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